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In Conclusion:

Shezmu has emerged as a distinguished crypto guardians project by fostering inclusivity and rewarding engagement within its vibrant community. This is done through the deployment of innovative features and a deflationary framework. Shezmu’s current strategy stands poised as a robust and sustainable crypto venture amidst the ever-evolving DeFi market landscape. Shezmu is an attempt at alleviating many of the growing pains of the industry. The core team strives to continue on its mission of making a difference in the world. Creating a loyal community focused on long term base thinking and prosperity is at the center of this project’s mission and we humbly hope to see you along the way.
Thanks - The Shezmu Team
*Shezmu does not promise any return on assets whatsoever. Shezmu is not a security via the Howey Test so it does not fall under the supervision of Securities Act of 1934. Shezmu is strictly considered to be a digital asset. Users of the Shezmu ecosystem are knowingly agreeing to the associated risk of acquiring digital assets such as Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Shezmu team has no control over the macro DeFi market and cannot control market conditions outside of the Protocol. The Shezmu team is entitled to change the sales tax on Shezmu tokens at any time without notice. This tax will always remain at or below the initial six percent taxed as promised. Use good judgment while participating in the community.