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Guardian NFTs

Guardian NFTs:

Shezmu’s Guardian NFTs create the backbone of the community. As previously stated, the Guardian NFTs are split into six unique categories. Each category has different rewards and is priced accordingly. For note, one Guardian is equal to twelve Shezmu. The first tier is minted for one Guardian and is called the Craftsman. The second tier is minted for five Guardians and is called the Scribe. The tier third is minted for ten Guardians and is called the High Priest. The fourth tier is minted for twenty five Guardians and is called the Noble. The fifth tier is minted for fifty Guardians and is called the Vizier. The final and sixth tier is minted for one hundred Guardians and is called the Pharaoh.

TL:DR - Guardian Tiers:

  • 1 Guardian: Craftsman
  • 5 Guardians: Scribe
  • 10 Guardians: High Priest
  • 25 Guardians: Noble
  • 50 Guardians: Vizier
  • 100 Guardians: Pharaoh
*The figure above represents expected payouts before and after the first halvening
There are no monthly fees on Guardian NFTs, however there is a $15 Creation Fee Total. Regardless of whether the user creates one or creates twenty Guardian NFTs, the maximum cost of the transaction will be $15 plus the associated Ethereum gas fee.
As mentioned before, Guardian NFTs gain unique functions from the Protocol’s Internal Guardian Creation. These functions include automatic compounding Guardian NFTs for higher tier ones along with partial liquidations of owned Guardian NFTs. Owners receive daily compounding Shezmu based rewards along with USDC allowances for their loyalty.