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Guardian NFT Secondary Market

Guardian Philosophy:

The Shezmu Protocol’s Guardians have the ability to be freely traded on any NFT marketplace. As always, any Shezmu used will be burned simultaneously with the transactions. The Shezmu team sees it in the community’s best interest to mitigate the risk of lockout periods of NFTs. In the past it has been seen that lockout periods have more downsides then upsides to community members to earlier projects.The Shezmu Team acknowledges this issue and to alleviate it has implemented lockout free NFT trading.
From the second any community member mints a Guardian, said asset can be sold on the public market for fair value. In the past, there have been numerous attempts at using lockout periods to prevent immediate liquidity draining from the protocol, but with it was realized there are unforeseen consequences. Within this lockout period, users in the past have to burn their tokens while purchasing assets with no immediate way of liquidating them, leaving them with unfair risk. This effectively traps users within said position until the lockout period ends. This issue here is that it temporarily removes any freedom from traders. The Shezmu Team strives to empower our community members to do as they please with their assets. Guardians traders will never be stuck in their positions.
With this community based empowerment of users, anyone can trade Guardians based on their own risk management tolerances. No longer are users forced to gamble on long term commitments that stand against the founding principles of DeFi itself. Guardian owners are entitled to their assets’s values at all times as history has shown lockout periods cause unnecessary risk that's unfair to early adopters.