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Guardian NFT Reward Structure:

Each Guardian NFT holder is also entitled to another form of reward for community participation. This reward is a USDC allowance strictly for owning Guardians. This allowance is funded from part of the sell tax which is evenly split among all Guardian owners. As the community and transaction activity on the Shezmu Protocol grows, the distributed USDC allowances likely will grow accordingly. This is just another incentive and reward the Shezmu Protocol has for its active, loyal community.
Out of the 6% sell tax, 2% is distributed evenly amongst all Guardian NFTs
Commonly within DeFi, in order to claim rewards, users must go through multiple transactions with multiple fees. This means user’s possible returns are being diminished by an inefficient method of rewards claiming. The Shezmu Protocol avoids this by allowing users to claim all possible rewards earned at the same time in one transaction. This means users can save on gas fees. Also another unique availability of the Shezmu Protocol is being able to compound rewards into minting Guardian NFTs without even having to claim the rewards yet. This ability comes from the Treasury tracking user’s unclaimed earned rewards too. Users can therefore skip claiming their Shezmu rewards to skip straight to reaping the numerous benefits of owning the Guardian NFTs.
*Figures shown do NOT factor in total supply or tokens burned and is showing emissions purely based off of Guardian NFTs
As you can see, Shezmu’s tokenomics model and rewards for owning Guardians is almost too tempting to pass on. The following section is a breakdown of the tax system implemented by the Shezmu Team in order to sustain the Protocol and to assure sufficient liquidity for users.