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What is Shezmu?

What exactly is Shezmu offering that is unique? Starting off, Shezmu advocates for facilitating ease of entry into projects. Often times projects can be confusing, leading to suboptimal use of the project’s services. From this, users can end up in situations where they face unnecessary hassles and costs. Let’s be honest, users want a streamlined, cost-effective platform for conducting their DeFi business on. With this in mind, Shezmu allows for batched Guardian creation. This allows users to efficiently create multiple Guardians in a single transaction. Through this, gas fees are reduced through less use of the Ethereum Mainnet. This also saves time and the redundancy of having to mint several Guardians over numerous transactions. Dedicated community members who collect Guardians will benefit the most from our batch based minting. All users can leverage this ability in their sacrifices to Shezmu.

Ecosystem Overview:

Another major benefit of Shezmu is Guardian NFT’s functionality. Starting off is a unique process called Internal Guardian Creation. To explain what this means, let’s go through an example of the process in use. For context in the following example, Guardian NFTs have six unique tiers. Minting each Guardian has a cost of twelve Shezmu. Instead of paying gas fees on minting five Guardians separately, the Shezmu protocol instead automatically “internally mints” one of the tier two Guardians worth the same value of minting five tier 1 Guardians. The benefit here is the gas used via the minting is that of one NFT mint instead of five. This thoughtful feature provides users with the flexibility to expand their Guardian portfolio at their discretion. This once again shows Shezmu’s commitment to its Community.
Guardian NFTs also have another unique feature of the Shezmu protocol. This is the fact that instead of having to sell whole Guardians, users have the ability to fractionally liquidate said NFTs. The process works almost inversely to the unique combination minting process. For example, if a user owns a Guardian, they do not have to liquidate the entire value of the NFT if they prefer not to. Instead, Guardian NFT holders can choose to liquidate a proportional fractional value of said NFT which provides them with the liquidity they desire while automatically converting the remaining value into lower tier valued Guardians. This incentivizes convenience for users while also promoting usage with long term thinking. By combining these two incentives, the Shezmu protocol is positioned in a unique value proposition. The following is a deep analysis into Shezmu’s tokenomics and background on the launch.