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Welcome To Shezmu

Introducing Shezmu: A Pioneer in The New Era of Crypto Guardianship

Shezmu is an elastic-supply protocol with a unique and confident approach. Built with the goal of innovation and efficiency, Shezmu is redefining the DeFi blockchain landscape with a novel approach to maximizing rewards for its dedicated community.
Shezmu is the Egyptian god of red wine, perfumes, and most importantly, sacrifice. Although sacrifice generally has a negative connotation to it, Shezmu proves this to be false. Sacrifice with the purpose of the greater good of the community can be beneficial. If everyone offers a miniscule contribution, the community as a whole can benefit. Shezmu fits into this as his role was to punish those who deserved it for the sake of those that are virtuous. Although Shezmu as an Egyptian god would punish individuals as a sacrifice, the Shezmu protocol insteads constitutes an analogous sacrifice in the form of Shezmu tokens themselves while minting Guardian NFTs. This sacrifice of course pleases the god Shezmu, so participating community members will reap the benefits as will be explained below.
On the protocol, participants must burn their Shezmu coins to join the ranks of the esteemed Guardians. The Shezmu used to acquire Guardian NFTs are burned during the minting process automatically by the Protocol. This enhances scarcity as the net token supply decreases with each transaction. This in turn effectively adds value to each Guardian's role as more Shezmu community members participate as circulating supply diminishes over time. This deflationary pressure isn’t the only value-adding aspect of the Shezmu’s sacrificing rewards though. Another benefit of minting Guardians is that participants receive rewards via Shezmu tokens. The goal of this is incentivizing active engagement and participation within the community. Community cooperation has the ability to benefit everyone involved.
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