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Calculating Rewards

Calculating New Boosted Rewards

To calculate your estimated reward for owning an Obelisk, multiply the current Guardian net Shezmu token emission rate (after minting tax) by 1+ (given multiplier per tier) then multiply the new reward rate by the net daily emissions of existing Guardian rewards.
For example, You own a Pharaoh Guardian which was minted for 1200 Shezmu tokens:
(100 Guardians x 12 Shezmu tokens per Guardian) = 1200 Shezmu token value minted
You desire to acquire a Granite. At this time, Guardians emissions are .12 Shezmu tokens per Guardian. Given a Pharaoh is worth 100 Guardians, your gross reward rate would be:
(100 Guardians x .12 Shezmu token rewards per Guardian) = 12 Shezmu tokens daily
Considering the 20% net claim / compound fee, the daily Shezmu rewards is the following:
(12 Shezmu tokens x [1 - .20 net claim fee]) = 9.6 net Shezmu token rewards daily
Since Granite boosts Guardian rewards by 12.5%, to calculate boosted net rewards is the following:
(9.6 Shezmu tokens daily x [1 + .125 reward boost]) = 10.8 Shezmu tokens daily as new Obelisk boosted reward rate
To calculate net profit, plus take into consideration the minting fee while considering your participation in using our Obelisk technology.
*Please keep in mind all associated risks of digital assets and understand the fees of using Shezmu.