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The Nile

Introducing The Nile

An inconvenient aspect of DeFi is the process of acquiring necessary assets in order to enter positions within DeFi projects. Often, users must purchase Ethereum or other assets such as stablecoins in order to swap for project tokens. This not only can be confusing and time consuming, but also can require additional fees associated with purchasing temporary assets to eventually acquire desired assets. To counter this bothersome process, We are happy to introduce The Nile: an integration of Squid Router powered by Axelar, and Ondefy powered by Transak’s services to the Shezmu Ecosystem. Shezmu's Nile integration solves the exact problem mentioned. Users will now be able to seamlessly enter the Shezmu ecosystem without off-chain side steps involved. It is now as simple the following process to purchase Shezmu: Via Credit Card or Bank Transfer Fiat On-Ramp Process:
*Note - Ethereum gas fees are required to swap Fiat. Be aware of the calculated gas fee while conducting a transaction. Be aware of possible slippage during the transaction. A minimum of $30 USD equivalent of Shezmu tokens must be purchased. The ability to purchase additional gas is included on the on ramp.
Via Cross-Chain Swaps Process:
*Note - the Initial chain’s gas fees are required to conduct swaps. Be aware of possible slippage during the transaction.