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What is Shezmu?
Shezmu is the God of sacrifice in Egyptian Lore. Shezmu is also the name of the underlying token present in the Shezmu ecosystem.
How do I purchase Shezmu?
Shezmu is acquirable on DEX's such as Uniswap and 1Inch, and is not currently available on any Centralized Exchanges.
What are taxes?
Taxes are a small contribution taken from each transaction in order to help fund the Protocol's operations and distribution of USDC to Guardians holders.
Why does Shezmu have Taxes?
Shezmu has 0% buy tax and 6% sells tax. Out of the 6% sells tax, 2% goes to liquidity, 2% goes to USDC for guardian holders, and 2% goes to Shezmu's stability fund. Each of these functions are critical in order to maintain the platforms operations and price stability.
How do I earn rewards?
Shezmu community members can earn rewards via burning tokens to acquire Guardian NFTs. Once a user owns a Guardian, they are entitled to Shezmu token and USDC rewards.
What are Guardians?
Guardians are the name for the NFTs minted through burning Shezmu tokens on the Shezmu Protocol. Guardian holders are rewarded with 2% of the sell tax volume paid out in USDC, and receive .12 Shezmu tokens per day with a 20% fee on claims. This fee goes towards the treasury and allows the Shezmu team to compound liquidity twice as fast, allowing for improved price stability and scalability for the Shezmu ecosystem.
What are Guardians potential earnings?
The graph below illustrates the potential earnings per guardian tier at various market caps.
*Above are examples of hypothetical reward claims based on different Guardian NFT tiers. To calculate hypothetical rewards based on a specific Guardian NFT type, use the key paragraph above to align the left most category “Guardian’s” values with the corresponding tier Guardian NFT. These figures shown have the claim fee factored in, are subject to change based on the elasticity of supply, and do not factor in USDC rewards.
How do I acquire a Guardian?
In order to acquire a Guardian, you must first obtain Shezmu tokens. Once obtained, users have the ability to burn said tokens in order to acquire a Guardian and receive rewards.
How do I make Guardians?
To mint Guardians, users simply need to burn a proportional amount of Shezmu tokens.
Where can I trade Guardians?
Guardians will be tradable on Ethereum NFT markets such as Opensea and Blur. Just simply connect your Ethereum based wallet of choice to the marketplace in order to trade Guardians.